John Cierach

John with 'Cracked' in the background

John with 'Cracked' in the background



'Cracked' 2008‘Cracked’, the wall hung egg shell installation was submitted to The National Open Art Competition last year and was selected for the exhibition at the Minerva Theatre in Chichester.

‘‘Cracked’ reflects the fragility of the human spirit and the shadows and light cast by the jagged edges of hope, anxiety and despair. Our vulnerability is an integral part of what connects us to life and though the eggshells beneath our feet are invisible they are always there’

The Prize winners and a few selected works including Cracked were subsequently exhibited at The Dover Street Arts Club and auctioned.

New work

John is currently working on a monumental sculpture using a number of steel containers to be arranged as building blocks to form a community for artistic endeavours and a venue for all forms of art from music to dance, theatre and film.

The steel containers will be arranged, incisions made, additions and colour applied to create a visually stimulating environment at Theatre Wharf and Sun Wharf, Creekside, Deptford SE8.


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