John Cierach

Torso 2006


John Cierach, Sculptor

Most of my modelling is done in clay but sometimes in wax. Both materials enable a very sensitive interpretation to be achieved and hopefully the true essence and energy within the subject radiates out of the finished work.

Carving is a reductive process whereby the beauty of a sculpture is revealed by the careful removal of layers of material that have left the form hidden for so long. Different stones and different wood have very specific properties which have to be worked with. I find the process to be a very collaborative one and I love the texture and grain, light and shade, and the unexpected which enriches each piece.

I also love to work on a large scale and metal is very flexible in this respect. Steel wire also has a wonderful property of tension which I like to play with to create some kinetic forms that dance with their own energy.

I have also been developing ideas for wall mounted sculptures, with a particular emphasis on texture, and the play of light and shade.

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